Tasteful mods set this Porsche 992 C2S apart from the rest

Some cars just roll directly out of the factory with that rich pedigree that instantly sets it apart from the rest; and this sleek black 992 embodies this to the core. However, as our loyal customers and fellow car enthusiasts know, adding in a couple mods and the right performance parts takes a car like this to an unmatched level.

It's in the Porsche DNA to be epic, and this 992 C2S is no exception. Getting the stance right, our team at AUTOcouture Motoring installed the KW HAS Kit on this customer's Porsche. The KW HAS Kit is excellent for many reasons, and it's an easy choice when balancing performance and comfort. The KW HAS Kit retains the factory damptronic suspension, while allowing for the ride height adjustability of a true coilover.

Porsche Cayenne 992 AUTOcouture Motoring


Keeping it premium and classy made selecting wheels simple for this Porsche owner; with HRE being the perfect choice. Thumbing through the HRE catalog with so many outstanding options, the customer landed on 20” HRE P104SCs in Stone Clear. We absolutely love the contrast of the Stone Clear HRE finish against this gorgeous black 992.


HRE wheels from AUTOcouture Motoring


To wrap things up, we added an Akrapovic exhaust; another premium performance part made by one of the best exhaust manufacturers in the world. Being handmade and full titanium, intensifies the flat 6 sounds that the 992 is synonymous with. Like most Akrapovic exhaust packages, the factory exhaust valve system stays in place, keeping it quiet when needed and aggressive with just the push of a button. This Akrapovic system is simple, dynamic and premium, all in one package.




To say this build wasn’t a highlight in our shop, would be a lie. We can’t wait to see it again for future mods or a tune, which would make it completely unstoppable.


Stay tuned, this car will be back for more!


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