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“Performance without sacrifice” is the Dinan slogan and it is exactly what you can expect from their line of performance products. Founded in 1979, Dinan has been recognized as one of the premiere BMW, Mercedez and Mini tuners in North America and beyond. Manufacturing a comprehensive line of high performance products with an industry leading warranty program, along with delivering quality products and solid engineering, has branded Dinan a household name among high performance automotive enthusiasts. 

Dinan is dedicated to producing and creating the most innovative, performance driven aftermarket parts on the market, and we at AUTOcouture Motoring are big fans! Dinan has put an incredible amount of of R&D into the manufacturing of their products, utilizing the finest quality, stainless steel and carbon fiber materials to take the performance of your car from good to great!

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The Dinan Turbo Inlets are a favorite among AUTOcouture customers. This easy to install, bolt-on upgrade is both cost effective and a step forward in unlocking maximum power out of your exotic vehicle. Factory plastic inlets are limited and allow very little volume to pass as they neck down dramatically to the turbochargers themselves, stifling flow and increasing pressure ratio pre-turbine, causing turbochargers to work harder than necessary. Dinan engineers have developed these carbon fiber inlet pipes to rectify this very problem. Dinan Turbo Inlets are constructed of gloss UV coated 2x2 carbon fiber, and are designed to mate seamlessly to the intake system. Where the carbon fiber ends, an aluminum adapter to connect the stock turbocharger begins. Installation is simple and “clicks” into place.
The F90 M5 Dinan Turbo Inlets assist in allowing the turbocharger to operate at a lower pressure ratio, allowing for more efficient operation and translating to higher boost pressure levels.

Dinan Carbon Fiber Turbo Inlet Pipes F90 M5 AUTOcouture Motoring Parts for BMW


Dinan has delivered another amazing product with their Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake System. Aside from the stunning appearance of this system, the biggest advantage is the additional optimized flow and reduction of the pressure depression in the stock system. The turbo works more efficiently to achieve higher boost pressure levels. The Dinan F9X X5m/X6M Carbon Fiber Intake System is considered a masterpiece without trepidation. You can expect increased turbo efficiency, reliability, increased sound and improved throttle response from this system. Not to mention, it doubles as a beautiful carbon fiber engine cover.

Dinan Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake-F95/96 X5M X6M AUTOcouture Motoring Parts for BMW

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