AUTOcouture recently had the exciting opportunity to perform a comprehensive crank hub upgrade on an S55 M3, transforming it from factory standard to extraordinary. This upgrade included the installation of the Gintani S55 One Piece Crank Hub Solution, along with a downpipe installation and an upgrade to 1-step colder spark plugs, all aimed at enhancing the engine's power output. 

Opting for the Gintani Crank Hub solution will end your crank hub woes and pave the path for worry-free ownership, enabling you to truly savor your time on the road or the racetrack. When these vehicles come through our shop, the crank hub in these vehicles is always a recommended precautionary modification. Why? Potential drivetrain failure, which can be $20,000 to replace – or at the very least, leave you stranded until the crank hub is replaced and the engine is retimed.

Gintani Crank Hub Upgrade

“For me personally, I like to go to places, and shops, that have a lot of experience, a lot of skill set, that have done this specific job multiple times…that really knows this and knows how to do it right.”

Our customer's trust in our service abilities speaks volumes about our expertise and track record. Having completed hundreds of crank hub installations, we've honed our skills to perfection, ensuring each project is executed with precision and proficiency. As one of the leading BMW specialists on the eastern seaboard, our reputation for excellence precedes us. Our team's extensive experience and dedication to mastery have positioned us as trusted authorities in the automotive industry. This accolade from our customer further reinforces our commitment to delivering top-notch service and exceeding expectations with every project we undertake.

During the replacement of the factory crank hub, we stumbled upon a surprising revelation: one of the friction discs, situated between the three individual components of the crank hub, was cracked. This flaw has the potential to lead to the loosening of the bolt securing the crank hub, resulting in movement of the three layers. Such movement can significantly affect the timing and overall performance of your vehicle. Upon identifying the cracked friction disc, we promptly notified the customer and assured them that opting for this upgrade sooner rather than later was indeed the correct decision.

Gintani Crank Hub Upgrade

“A lot [of the cost] is labor, because of the involved process that it takes…it’s not just something you throw on. You have to take apart a lot of the motor to get to the crank hub and retime everything…and it was something I just wasn’t comfortable doing.”

We thoroughly enjoyed working on this project, as it epitomizes our core mission at AUTOcouture Motoring.We were thrilled to receive such glowing feedback from our customer, who expressed complete satisfaction with our customer service. They noted that we treated their car with the same level of care and attention as if it were our own, which truly speaks to our commitment to excellence. 

Additionally, our dedication to clear communication and accommodation throughout the process was highlighted, ensuring that the customer felt informed and supported every step of the way.

As an added gesture, we went the extra mile by capturing photos and video footage of the installation, providing valuable documentation for the customer to use for their personal reference. Their gratitude for this thoughtful gesture further emphasizes the importance of our customer-centric approach.


The results?
A safe vehicle, avoiding drivetrain failure
A satisfied customer, coming back for more to achieve his dream vehicle

    “At the end of the day, I’m going to sleep better knowing that my S55 is bulletproofed, and that I’ve done everything I possibly can to make this extremely safe, and enjoy it to the fullest.”


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