BBS Wheels Provide a Premier Driving Experience

BBS Wheels are always a favorite and go to recommendation for our customers at AUTOcouture motoring! BBS Wheels are top quality and are some of the most respected in the world. What makes these wheels so sought-after are the high levels of engineering and manufacturing technologies that go into them.

BBS has been creating high performance wheels for over 40 years. Founded in Germany, BBS now has a worldwide presence and recognition. The founders of BBS were amateur racers looking for performance gains, and with this focus, the company has gained respect throughout the motorsports and racing field. BBS has continued to expand by adding road wheels; so whether you’re a racer yourself or just looking to upgrade your wheels, BBS has you covered.


BBS Wheels from AUTOcouture Motoring 

Their road wheels are available in the BBS Forged Line, BBS Performance Line, and BBS Design Line.

The Forged Line has both one-piece and two-piece wheels that are perfect for those looking to increase their vehicle's performance. Their multi-stage Die-Forging process helps increase the wheel's strength and durability.

The Performance Line features both one-piece and two-piece Flow Formed wheels. Flow Forming increases vehicle performance by creating a higher quality rim area. Many wheels in the Performance Line also have backmilled spokes that removes unnecessary material and reduces the overall weight. This weight reduction keeps the durability and stiffness while increasing vehicle performance.


BBS Wheels from AUTOcouture Motoring 

The Design Line offers one-piece low pressure cast wheels. These wheels are high quality and long lasting. To make these wheels, a low-pressure aluminum casting technique is used. This process allows for a value based price without sacrificing the quality.

AUTOcouture offers BBS Wheels online, and use them on vehicles in our shop because they engineer technologies that allow for high performance, high quality wheels.


BBS Wheels from AUTOcouture Motoring 

Reach out to our ACM team today to get these installed, or shop our online selection. If you’re not sure what to get, we can help you with that, too!

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