Eventuri has designed and created a new carbon fiber intake system for the Lamborghini Huracan, providing an aerodynamically efficient airflow for the vehicle. With this product, Eventuri’s goal was to create a flagship intake and set a benchmark for this platform. Gone are the awkward cuboid plastic airboxes, and in their place is a beautifully engineered system which allows for smoother airflow, more power, improved throttle response and the glorious roar from the V10 engine – further elevating the Huracan’s driving experience.


The intake is made of 100% pre-preg carbon fiber with no fiberglass, which achieves a smooth internal surface to maintain smoother airflow. Here are the details for each component and the design ethos behind them:


Each intake system consists of:

Carbon Fiber Patented Venturi Filter Housings

Bespoke High Flow Dry Cone Filters

Carbon Fiber Inlet Ducts

Custom Silicon Couplers

OPF (DWNA) Breather adapter

Laser Cut Heat Shields

Laser Cut Stainless Steel Brackets

 Eventuri Carbon Fiber Intake System for Huracan from AUTOcouture Motoring


Patented Venturi Filter Housings

The filter housings comprise of a bespoke high flow filter, aluminum cowl, laser cut brackets and the carbon pod itself. The carbon pod shrouds the reverse mounted filter and smoothly shape the airflow down to the intake tubes. This smooth reduction in cross sectional area invokes the Venturi effect where the airflow accelerates whilst maintaining laminar conditions. It can be thought of as a large velocity stack.


Carbon Fiber Inlet Ducts

The duct seals to the housing and channels ambient air from the side air outlets to the filter. It fits over the OEM ducting system and smoothly transitions to the circular filter housing shape. In order to ensure a good seal against engine bay heat, it seals to the filter housings using neoprene gaskets.


Custom Silicon Couplers

The filter housings secure to the inlet manifold with custom couplers which replace the OEM flexible hoses.These couplers provide a much smoother flow path to the plenum and feature internal steps to match to the walls of the throttle body ensuring there are no steps for the airflow which would create turbulence. Movement is catered for in the housing assembly itself.


Eventuri Carbon Fiber Inlet System for Huracan from AUTOcouture Motoring 

Tune Needed

The Huracan will require a tune to allow the intake to work without a Check Engine Light. This is due to the narrow MAF range set by the factory which is exceeded by the higher airflow that the intake provides.


That’s why we developed a product and tune package with our expert in-house tuning provider, DME Tuning. With this package, the Huracan is expertly calibrated and meticulously refined ECU tuning software; guaranteed to give you an exhilarating driving experience by delivering optimum performance with your Eventuri Carbon Fiber Intake System. More horsepower, more torque and a tune specific for the Eventuri Intake System.


In addition to the Eventuri Intake, the Tune Package includes:

DME Tune optimized for the Eventuri Intake

Available Stage 1 or 2 Tune

Tuned for 91 or 93 Octane

Optional Eventuri Carbon Fiber Engine Cover


View the Eventuri Huracan Intake System and Tune Package


Eventuri Huracan Intake System only


Eventuri Intake and Tune Package for Lamborghini Huracan from AUTOcouture Motoring and DME Tuning 


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