A New Charge Cooler Manifold Solving Common Factory Frustrations

New Year, new products! Expand your power capabilities with the brand new do88 Charge Cooler Manifold, suitable for the BMW G-Series (B58), Toyota GR Supra A90, and the BMW F-Series (B58). At AUTOcouture Motoring, we love do88 products with their high quality design and performance and a price tag that is competitively priced.



Flawless Fabrication: A Car without Factory Frustrations

Do88 B58 Manifold side view

Do88 designed their new Charge Cooler Manifold to solve for the problems of rapid heat soak, fuel puddling, and restricted airflow common to factory components. The product features a Bar & Plate design air-water core that allows for superb heat transfer and prime airflow and cooling. We used cast end water tanks developed through a holistic process of 3D-Scanning and Printing and computational fluid dynamics analysis, as this process develops complex shapes better than CNC-machining. By doing this, the cast end water tanks evenly distribute the charge air and cooling water in the core through the utilization of densely stacked cooling fins, maximizing performance.

Sweetening the deal is the fact that this upgrade is compatible with factory engine covers and provides enough space for a small auxiliary port injection fuel rail installation.


Key Features: Unlocking the Power Within

Do88 B58 Manifold side 2


In the design process, do88 opted for a 3-port pad directly incorporated into the casting, giving you the option for an extra vacuum source or the ability to measure supplemental factors. Two of the ports, expertly placed on the rear water tank further solidify this modification’s ability to solve factory problems. You can choose from monitoring water temperatures or helping purge air from the intake manifold, moving you one step closer to unlocking the power of your car.

Heightened heat management is achieved through the inclusion of a special thermal barrier spacer with a reliable FKM-silicone O-ring seal. Increased charge air cooler efficiency, reducing conductive heat transfer from the cylinder head and lowering the intake air temperatures are some of the benefits of using this type of thermal barrier.



The Finishing Touches

Do88 B58 Manifold parts

Complete the look with the do88 Accessory Kit for the B58 Charge Cooler Manifold. With the intention of supporting the auxiliary port fuel injection, this accessory kit comes with a specially curated fuel rail, as well as sealing plugs.




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