2023 Year In Review

With the year coming to an end, we are taking a moment to reflect on all of the excitement of 2023; and what an incredible year it has been for AutoCouture Motoring – from expanding the shop, title sponsoring the always awesome MPACT event, to providing our incredible clients with the highest quality service both in the shop and online, we are truly thankful for all that came about in the past year. Here is a look back at 2023:


ACM Shop in New Jersey
Dedication to our customers and providing top tier service is always at the forefront of what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. In 2023, we were able to DOUBLE the size of our shop to accommodate more epic builds of vehicles, as well as, make more room for our partners performing paint, PPF, and tuning services to grow and expand their businesses. We truly are dedicated to giving our customers the car of their dreams, and this expansion will allow us to do that on a whole new level.

PPF Services


MPACT Motorsports Festival 2023
This year at Pocono Raceway was one for the books
, with attendance reaching record breaking levels and vehicles as far as the eye could see. Over 20 vehicles from top sports car brands sported AUTOcouture Motoring modifications including everything from Eventuri Intakes, Akrapovic Exhaust Systems, Supercharger Kits and HRE Wheels, to external mods such as Vorsteiner Front Lips and Grills. Our tuning partner, DME Tuning, won Best Exotic in Show for their Red Audi R8 in our display – a testament to all the hard work put into this amazing vehicle. Needless to say, we are excited for MPACT 2024, where there will be not one, but TWO events.

Audi R8 MPACT 2023 Best In Show


Everyone loves a good list (and also wants to know how to keep up with everyone else’s mods). These are the top 5 products that our customers, and your peers, were buying this year. If you didn’t, you will want to look into making these adds in 2024.


Do88 Oil Coolers

Do88 oil cooler

Do88 oil coolers are designed for the experienced driver demanding nothing but the best! They truly provide the best for all driving, whether for track racing or inspired street usage, where there's no room for compromise in terms of perseverance. These oil coolers provide greater core volume, larger active cooling area, and vastly enhanced performance. 

Do88 Aluminum Radiators

Do88 Aluminum Radiator

If you are an inspired enthusiast or a race car driver demanding reliability at the limit, this should be your undoubted choice. The increased core volume of this aluminum radiator improves the cooling efficiency and lowers the temperature of the fluid. The manufacturing process guarantees reliability and endurance. 


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Eventuri Intake Systems

Eventuri Intake System
Eventuri developed a “complete solution” to ensure a smooth inlet track with cold air saturation. With a carbon weave to match the OEM Performance carbon. This truly is a new benchmark. Increasing the inlet tube cross-sectional area compared to the stock intake as it feeds through the openings in the strut braces allows the turbos to work more with less restriction and reduce the wastegate duty cycles allowing for increased performance.

Eventuri Intake System Airflow

Eventuri Intake Systems are considered among the best on the market, extensively developed using cutting edge design, testing and prototyping methods. With a focus on performance, each design undergoes CFD analysis and is then validated at the prototype stage through volumetric airflow, intake temperature and extensive dynamometer testing. Eventuri strives to publish all the development information to illustrate the depths they go to in bringing an intake from concept to reality. Each piece is 100% handmade, using only the best materials for each component – even down to the choice of fasteners and fixings in order to ensure that the quality of the end product is second to none.

Autocouture Motoring is a top dealer for Eventuri Intakes, which are typically more difficult to obtain due to demand.



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Vorsteiner Aero Front Grille

Vorsteiner Aero Front Grille
Not everyone has the luxury of driving a racecar but with the installation of the
Vorsteiner Aero BMW G80 M3/G82 M4 Front Grille owners can take a step in the right direction. Taking design cues from the M4 GT3 race car, this grille allows for increased front airflow, giving the ultimate race car look and feel.

Vorsteiner's carbon fiber parts are produced using a state-of-the-art aerospace autoclave system. This provides unsurpassed rigidity, strength and finish to these aerodynamic components. They distinguish their products by utilizing a resin pre-impregnated, vacuum-formed carbon fiber material that results in a 20% - 30% stiffer and stronger product than an equivalent wet-lay up product.

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Pure Turbos Silicone Inlets 

Pure Turbos Silicone Inlets

Upgrading to these Mclaren 720s silicon inlets increases the airflow and durability of your vehicle. These inlets come with mounting hardware and are also compatible with 720S and 765LT.

Pure Turbos also offers new and remanufactured turbochargers for all applications, be it gasoline or diesel. According to Pure Turbos, the key to making a fast car is to make its power usable. The brand says that having big torque figures down is not beneficial if you do not have the grip to use it. Moreover, the company emphasizes the importance of weight reduction in improving the overall performance of a car.

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Rebrake Refurbishment Brake Service

Rebrake Refurbishment Service

This year we added a new service designed to refurbish carbon ceramic brake disks rather than replace them, helping to save you thousands of dollars. In a simple and quick four step process, the new REBRAKE Friction Layer will restore the thickness and braking capability of the CCB to OEM specification at a fraction of the cost. In addition to restoring the friction layer, this service can repair the tiny imperfections to the worn brake rotors in one to two weeks. Rotor edge damage can be effectively repaired by filling the rotor edge with material which is then bonded to the rotor during the baking process. Although minor repair to the rotor edge damage is provided at an additional cost, the overall process is still cost efficient when compared to purchasing a new OEM Rotor.


All of this would not have been possible without the support of our customers, so THANK YOU for another incredible year!  We can’t wait to create more awesomeness with you in 2024!

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