Vorsteiner Mclaren 570S 570-VX Aero Rear Bumper w/ Rear Diffuser Carbon Fiber PP 2x2 Glossy

$5,980.25 $6,295.00
The aerodynamic additions to the front and rear end have been engineered using the latest CFD test procedures. These tests allow us to bring balance and harmonize the front and rear downforce levels so the load is evenly distributed. The rear is comprised of a new bumper fascia with an open air, raced inspired design. The addition of open exit points allows for heated air to escape from the rear mounted engine. The rear diffuser reaches deep under the vehicle allowing for a directional airflow and reduced turbulence. With the advancements of the latest CFD testing procedures, this allows us to fine tune low and high pressure zones. Creating high pressure zones above and around the car, and low pressure zones underneath the car, this differential creates the 570-VX downforce.

Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber
Aerospace Strength & Durability
2x2 Carbon Fiber Weave
Product ID: MVR1140