StopTech Performance Brake Pads Rear 01-07 BMW M3 E46

$81.51 $85.80
StopTech Sport brake pads have the friction formula to optimize your brake system's performance and reliability. They are constructed from Para-aramid composites to provide linear response, regardless of pad temperature. Plus, the low-dust formulation is rotor-friendly and leaves your wheels cleaner! They're 100 percent positive-molded for uniform friction material density, scorched to raise initial cold effectiveness and ease bed-in, and they are asbestos-free. Hundreds of models are available for fitment on specific vehicle applications. Ensure proper stopping performance with StopTech Sport brake pads.

Additional notes:

* High MOT to eliminate fade
* Excellent actuation, modulation, and release
* Dyno-proven performance and service life
* Lab-developed formulas with strong initial bite
* Ideal for autocross and light track day use
Product ID: 309.0683

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