Racing Sport Concepts FRONT SPLITTER FOR THE PORSCHE 991.2 GT3

After 5 years of constant painstaking research and development Racing Sport Concepts is proud to launch its new line of carbon fiber aerodynamic components for the Porsche 991.2 GT3. 

In the beginning of the GT3 project RSC Tuning started by scanning the 991.2 GT3 at Autocouture Motoring. From there RSC built the CFD model to match real world driving experience on the 911 platform.  Using aerodynamics experts that developed highly accurate CFD simulations and working for dozens of 911 cup car teams.  With the baseline accuracy significantly higher than if they had developed a model from scratch, they began to refine the design in a virtual wind tunnel.  Using dozens of simulations and design iterations to revise the design to increase aerodynamic efficiency, RSC arrived at this design.  Creating the prefect trifecta of science, speed, and style.  

Product ID: RSCPSC004

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