Racing Sport Concepts Carbon Fiber Side Skirts for BMW F80 M3

$595.00 $895.00

The RSC Tuning F80 M3 Side Skirt is about an inch wider than the M Performance side skirts which makes the front and rear fenders on your M3 seem even wider than stock.

Another great feature about these side skirts is that the extra width helps to prevent those annoying rock chips all over the rear quarter panels. We have our own in-house M3, so we dealt with these on a personal level. After Installing the side skirts the rocks tend to hit the bottom of the side skirts rather than the side of your car. These skirts have a nice rounded contour that ties them in with the rest of the vehicle.

These skirts can be installed easily in minutes using Pop-Rivets similar to the M performance versions. These make a great finishing touch for any M3.

RSC’s M3 Side Skirts were designed and engineered in the USA to the most stringent specifications. The Side Skirts are supplied with all the necessary mounting hardware and can be installed in minutes. This product was developed on our own in-house vehicle and subjected to extensive testing on both the race track and public roads.

The RSC BMW M3 Side Skirt is constructed of 100% Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber and cured in a state of the art Autoclave. This provides a strong and lightweight part with a beautiful weave quality and a consistent weight. Additionally, the part is also applied with a clear coat that has UV inhibitors to prevent yellowing and allow you to polish the part back to a scratch free finish. Note: Side Skirts Fit M3 only
Product ID: RSCBMW001

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