RS-R 2017+ Tesla Model 3 (RWD) Down Sus Springs


The Ti2000 gives the driver that lowered look without compromising ride quality, but you still feel the handling difference. With the use of Titanium in the Springs they have the ability to be lighter, stronger, thinner and contain less coils in each spring, so short stroke shocks are not needed and thus wont void your Factory Warranty!

The Titanium alloy we use in manufacturing is ideal for suspension kits and is extremely durable. The material is of the highest quality. Due to the new materials used in Ti2000 we have been able to make a highly durable suspension coil with a smaller diameter and less spring coils.

Ti2000's 2 part Epoxy coating has excellent resistance against corrosion & Chipping. It also provides great protection against color fade.


  • Front: -1.0" to -1.2" and Rear: -1.0" to -1.2"
  • Exceptional Ride Quality & Comfort That Can't Be Matched
  • Lowers Centre of Gravity, Improving Handling, Braking, Turn-In & Overall Performance
  • Each Set is Custom Designed & Tested Around OEM Shocks to Make Them Work Even Better
  • Designed & Made in Japan Using the Highest Quality Materials
Product ID: TL001TD

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