RKP F87 M2 Rear Seat Delete

Lose the extra weight; keep your BMW streamlined with the RKP F87 Rear Seat Delete. Designed to install directly with the BMW Motorsport roll bar, this part will keep your car driving as smoothly and quickly as possible. Drive your way, on your terms, with the rear seat delete.

When it comes to safety, BMW never settles, and neither does IND. By working with a single technology partner for all BMW roll bars, BMW has maintained the highest standard of quality and fit that can truly stand up to their own stringent standards.

At IND, we have leveraged our European business contacts to obtain original BMW roll bars for various M cars, from the E92 M3 GTS to GT4 spec bars. Just recently, all of us at IND were excited to receive the first ever F87 M2 roll bar in North America, designed by BMW and utilized in the M2 MotoGP safety car.

This roll bar is designed to use the most rigid possible chassis mounting points, and has x braces on both the main hoop and the rear tubes for the highest rigidity possible. The main hoop x brace is also gusseted for additional strength. The weld quality, fit, and finish are second to none; this piece could not be a better fit with the M2. Brackets are included, and each roll bar is primed and ready for paint

Rear seat delete is made for the MotoGP rollbar only
Product ID: RKP-F87-M2-RSD