RKP F87 M2 Corner Brace Set

Any enthusiast or engineer knows that a rigid chassis is essential to a well performing M car. While the M2 gracefully balances manufacturing cost, MSRP, and incredible performance, the cost savings do result in some components that are not optimized in their construction and engineering; we’ve found the front support braces found on the M2 are one such component. IND always makes it our mission to optimize every part of your BMW, and through our work with RKP, we have done just that. For those interested in upgrading both the appearance and rigidity of their M2s, this corner brace set is the solution.

RKP’s Corner Braces are constructed from Stainless Steel or Titanium tube, and constructed with design principles that lead to a more rigid part in both bending and torsion, giving the M2 an even more dynamic feel and driving response.

As these were created for our own M2 first and foremost, the RKP Corner Braces are available as a limited, low volume production run.
Product ID: RKP-F87-CB-1

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