Pure Turbos Pure800 Upgrade Turbo - Toyota Supra A90 2020+


Toyota Supra Pure800 Upgrade Turbo

The Pure800 is offered as a different path for those who prefer a more punchy turbo. This is the ideal turbo setup for those looking for more power up in the top end. For those looking for a faster spooling turbo refer to the Pure700.

  • Pump Gas and meth 630whp!
  • Race gas and meth 672whp!!
  • Stock engine, stock trans with PURE800 turbo, downpipe, and tune making almost 700whp.
  • Low boost around 20psi made 559whp, 552whp, and 527whp.


*Available option for customers looking to setup ACM installation service.  Prepay at a discounted rate and our Service Team will reach out to finalize your appointment.  Autocouture Motoring will handle sending the core back to Pure Turbo.  Core charge not required if installation is performed by Autocouture Motoring.

Product ID: PURE800A90