Planted Lexus IS 250/350/ISF (2006+) Passenger Seat Base

The Planted Seat Bracket is a vehicle specific bracket used as an adapter between the floor of the vehicle and an aftermarket seat and it's accessories. Because the floor of each vehicle varies and typically is not flat, a vehicle specific seat bracket is required for installing an aftermarket seat. Planted create each seat bracket using the floor of the vehicle as a reference. They bring each vehicle into their development center so they can create the best fitting, bolt-in, universal seat bracket possible. This allows aftermarket seats not only to be bolt-in without drilling, but also fully reversible back to stock if necessary.

Planted Seat Brackets are laser cut from 3/16 inch thick steel and hand welded to ensure weld penetration for superior strength. Each bracket is pre-slotted with hole patterns to accept sliders from most major seat manufacturers. There is extra space on the bracket for drilling your own hole pattern if using a slider with a less common hole pattern, or direct mounting a seat or side mount when eliminating sliders is preferred. They are finished with a black powder coat.

  • Seats come in many different shapes and sizes so not all seats will fit in all vehicles. It is up to the end user to determine if the seat will fit prior to ordering Planted adapter brackets and other components.
  • Many vehicles have the steering wheel offset toward the center of the vehicle. This can be accentuated when installing an aftermarket seat of a different size then the factory seat.
  • Replacing a factory seat with an aftermarket seat may cause the vehicle's warning indicators to activate. This can be due to airbag, weight and/or other sensors in the factory seat that are not included in an aftermarket seat. It may be possible to eliminate these indicators with an electronic resistor but it is up to the end user to determine if a resistor will work & which resistor to use.
  • Professional installation is recommended.

IMPORTANT - Although most of the time the seat mounting bolt pattern in the floor is determined by the transmission type (manual or automatic) there are exceptions. The front mounting holes of each seat can vary. Determining which bracket to order is easy though; simply measure across the front from the center of one seat mounting bolt to the next and compare your car's measurement to the measurements below and order the matching bracket(s):

SB092DR - 15-3/4 inches

SB092.1DR - 16-3/4 Inches

SB092PA - 16-3/4 Inches

SB092.1PA - 17-7/8 Inches
Product ID: SB092.1PA

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