Nuke Performance Air Jack 90 Competition Elephant Foot


Nuke Performance Air Jack 90 Competition Elephant Foot, second stage lift capacity for easy maintenance during track days.

The Nuke Performance elephant feet give you a total lift capacity of 480mm (18.9"), for easy access and safe maintenance of your vehicle. Rigid design for long durability and safe usage on all types of motorsport vehicles.

These elephant feet are designed to work with Nuke Performance Air Jack 90 C low-pressure air jacks. Give you the ability to lift your air jacks in a second stage to ensure a higher lift. With the elephant feet, you can release the pressure line and still be able to work under the car in safety. Used by racing teams in various series worldwide. 

Self-locks when pressure is released for safe and easy access to the underside of your vehicle

When the elephant foot is attached in its second stage and the pressure is released, the elephant foot is locked together into one unit. This makes it possible to work with your vehicle even without pressurized lines and also gives you the ability to let the elephant feet hang beneath the vehicle when using wheel alignment tables etc. The air jacks are self-centered within the elephant safety props.

Product ID: 590-02-101

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