MOMO 6-Point FIA 8853-2016 FHR Racing Harness Red

MOMO’s SR6 series six-point harnesses are the ideal safety upgrade offering professional-level lightweight hardware and adjustability for a customized fit. Featuring two-inch shoulder webbing, the SR6 series harnesses are designed to work with any frontal head restraint, including HANS® while also providing improved ease of use with MOMO’s advanced aluminum active speed adjusters. The two-inch lap belt offers drivers with improved pelvic containment creating faster loading of the lap belt resulting in reduced load transfer to the chest. The lap belt secures with a lightweight low-profile camlock specially constructed with ECI guides for quick and easy connection. Additional features include integrated lap adjusters incorporated directly onto the cam buckle offering the widest range of adjustability and ease of use. MOMO’s SR6 harnesses are also the ideal choice for endurance racing as the cam buckle is permanently affixed to the anti-sub straps resulting in faster driver changes. All points feature clip-in mounting and adjustable length adjustment through the use of the provided three-bar slide.

Additional Information:

  • 6-Point FIA 8853-2016
  • Cam-Buckle Pinned on Anti-Sub Belt
  • 2-into-3-Inch Shoulders Belts
  • Lightweight Aluminum Active Speed Adjusters on Shoulders
  • 2-Inch Lap Belts with Integrated Cam-Buckle Quick Release Adjusters
  • Lightweight Cam-Buckle with ECI Guides
  • Clip-In Installation with Provided Eyebolt
  • 3-Bar Slide Adjuster on All Webbing Points
  • This listing is for the Red version

Webbing Length: (All Measurements were taken at Full Extension)

Shoulder Harness Length

  • 63-inch or 160 cm to adjuster
  • 16-inch or 40.6 cm from adjuster to center of tang

Lap Belt Length

  • 29-inch or 73.6 cm to center of tang

Anti-Sub Strap Length

  • 24-inch or 61 cm to cam-buckle
Product ID: MO1255120001

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