KW DDC ECU with HLS 4 Tesla Model S P90D (AWD) 12-20

KW Dynamic Damping Control (DDC) with KW Hydraulic Lift System (HLS)

Individuality by the push of a button.
The KW DDC coilovers are part of the KW iSuspension program - the intelligent suspension solution. They combine the advantages of an adaptive damping system with a vehicle-specific aftermarket suspension solution.
The adaptive KW DDC coilovers allow adjustment within the tested lowering range. The dirt-resistant trapezoid thread and the composite collar allow years of accessible adjustability and ease of use. Lowering can be done via the composite spring collar on the shock body or on the height adjustable rear perch in the rear of the vehicle. The HLS 4 system gives you more ground clearance at the push of a button. With the HLS lift system you can lift your car to safely negotiate obstacles; such as speedbumps, railroad crossings, road works, garages, and underground car parks. The HLS system can lift your vehicle hydraulically either at the front axle or on both axles by up to 45 mm.

No matter where in the world, sporty drivers, car manufacturers and refiners rely on our KW technology "Made in Germany".


• Retrofit electronic damper adjustment, combined with the advantages of a KW coilover kit
• Optional App-control
• Three damping setups: Comfort / Sport / Sport+
• Operation by retrofit button or optional App
• Create personalized setups with the KW DDC App
• Allows cars with low ground clearance to clear obstacles more easily
• Activated from inside the vehicle
• Front Lowering Adjustment: 5-30mm
• Rear Lowering Adjustment: 5-30mm

2015+ Tesla S AWD
Product ID: 39087002

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