IPE Titanium Valvetronic Exhaust System with Heat Protector and Titanium Tips 540C | 570S | 570GT | 570S Spider 15-19

Extremely Loud and Comfortably Quiet become one with iPE. The McLaren 570 is truly one of the greatest inventions from Great Britain. Each element of our exhaust system is designed to enable the best possible sound output, while offering everything you could wish for: comfort in the interior and fascinating sounds at every speed range.

Our exhaust system for the McLaren 570 is a masterpiece of refined engineering. Increased performance is reached especially at the medium speed range, where the engine is running most of the time. The deep and full-bodied sound at lower speed ranges drastically turns into a fascinating race sound the higher the engine runs.

• Quality Titanium Construction
• Increased Horsepower
• Increased Torque
• Improved Throttle Response
McLaren 570S/570GT/570S Spider
Product ID: MC006TI