IPD Intake Plenum for 82mm GT3 Throttle Body 997.1 Porsche Turbo


Power obsessed Turbo customers looking to push the motorsport envelope a little harder would best benefit from the larger 82mm “Competition” IPD plenum fitted with a factory 997 GT3 82mm Porsche throttle body.

The larger 82mm intake opening allows for even greater air flow to help optimize the more extreme mods such as larger turbos, intercoolers, Y-Pipes and more aggressive software.

This larger version Plenum is also designed to perform with the higher flowing IPD Y-Pipe. Custom IPD Silicone hose is included with purchase for fitment to 82mm throttle body.


  • Fits 3.8L 997.1 Turbo with GT3 82mm Throttle Body
  • Efficient high-performance upgrade
  • Noticeable more power and torque
  • More and consistent supply of fresh air
  • Proofed and test on the dyno
  • Vehicle-specific component
  • High quality manufactured from cast aluminum
  • Easy installation thanks to perfect fitting accuracy
Product ID: 97282

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