H&R 17-19 Porsche 911 / 991 GT3 RS ID Race Spring

The Porsche 911 GT3 is a fantastic performance vehicle. The stock GT3 has threaded shocks for fine-tuning ride height, but some enthusiasts would like to lower their GT3 a little more from factory ride height. H&R ride development engineers have been listening and designed a set of RS ID springs for reduced fender well gap. H&R RS ID Springs are a combination of our 60mm ID Race Springs to lower the GT3.

H&R RS ID Springs (part #: 54090) for the GT3 lower approximately .75 to 1.5” front and .75 to 1.4” rear. Lowering the vehicle’s center of gravity improves handling and creates a sleek European look – Wunderbar!

Like all of H&R’s products, H&R RS ID Springs are 100% made in Germany and use only the finest quality materials and precision manufacturing techniques to maximize service life, for miles of smiles.
Product ID: 54090

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