HKS Max 4 SP Supra A90 Full Coilover Kit


Many various developing tests have been carried out on track at Fuji International Speedway and on the street. Mr. Manabu Orido (also known as Mr. Supra) set a 1.682 second a lap faster time racing on track at Fuji International Speedway with only this suspension upgrade.


  • This suspension utilized a conventional shock absorber rather than factory electronically controlled one. It made the vehicle easier to control according to the driver's intention and feedback.
  • Using the high rate spring provides a smooth ride without making it feel too stiff and at the same time helping to translate a positive feedback from the tires.
  • Adjustable pillow upper allows adjustments the camber angle.
  • The billet aluminum upper plate is used in the rear. This is for weight savings without losing any necessary strength.
  • The straight wound spring is used at both front and rear, allowing for easy changes to the spring rates.


  • Spring rate [N/mm(kgf/mm)]: F=137(14)/R=176(16)
  • Spring Length (mm): F=150(straight wound only) | R=200(straight wound)
  • Height at factory (Upper-Lower): RZ: F=-25(-14 to -61)/R=-25(-5 to -72) | SZ-R: F=-17(-6 to -53)/R=-26(-6 to -73) | SZ: F=-30(-19 to -66)/R=-31(-11 to -78)
  • Upper mount: F=pillow/R=pillow
  • Upper mount Assy before shipment: No
  • Spring rate change at factory: F=No | R=Yes


  • For installing RZ(DB42)/SZ-R(DB22), error canceler is required due to removed factory Electronic Control Shock Absorber.
  • Ships preset to RZ(DB42). When installing to SZ-R(DB22)/SZ(DB82), please change to test data as shown in the installation manual.
Product ID: 80250-AT003