HKS DryCarbon Full Cold Air Intake Kit GR Supra


This product uses dry carbon instead of the conventional aluminum pipe. A dry carbon intake box can be used with this kit. Dry carbon intake pipe uses 3K Weave Prepreg and its looks help to show racing nature of the material. Air flow resistance is also reduced by replacing the stock flexible pipe with a carbon piping. By replacing the intake pipe from conventional aluminum to carbon fiber weight is reduced by about 35%. It is possible to reduce the weight by about 1kg with just replacing from stock intake system to HKS Racing Suction. The special attachment designed exclusively for stock intake shape. Installing HKS Racing Suction emphasizes back turbine sound once the gas pedal released.

DryCarbon Racing Suction kit GR SUPRA -70028-AT001

Product ID: 70028-AT001

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