High performance vehicle R35 GT-R's differential oil temperature tends to be very high under severe conditions such as circuit driving. High differential oil temperature may effect on the lubricant performance and/or LSD's performance maintenance. HKS Diff Oil Cooler Kit was developed to solve these problems. HKS Diff Oil Cooler can maintain the differential oil temperature and prevent the oil degradation.

• Oil Cooler Core Size: 200×132×48 (Cooling Fin). This core was designed specifically for R35.
• Core's installation position is inside the rear under cover. With a special air duct, it can let air into the core and cool it efficiently.
• The air duct was made of CFRP. It can match with the factory rear under cover.
• Highly durable AQP Racing Hoses are used for oil piping.
• HKS original Oil Pump is included in the kit for reliable operation and accurate oil flow maintenance.
• Relay box, harnesses, and ON/OFF switch to install the oil pump are included in the kit.
Product ID: 27002-AN003