Green Filter USA McLaren Cylinder Filter OEM 11F0217CP A11SA McLaren 3.8L V8

$59.73 $84.06

Green Filter has earned a reputation as being a leading manufacturer of world-class filters used by many of the world renowned racing engineers, engine builders, drivers and enthusiasts that regularly "win on Sunday".

Whether you are looking for increased fuel mileage, a car performance enthusiast, a non-professional racer, or one of the many thousands that meet on the weekend to show off their cars and/or compare race times from weekend trips to the tracks throughout the world, Green Filter is working hard to offer you the same high performance filter for your specific needs.


  • Adds Horsepower in a simple installation process
  • Increases mileage efficiency saving money at the pump
  • Provides the high quality our racing and manufacturing teams demand
  • Makes maintenance and cleaning easy
  • Looks great when we open our engine covers and see that familiar Green Filter
  • Does not interfere with engine monitoring systems

*Requires 2 Filters

Product ID: 7233