Go Fast Bits Renault Clio RS Direct Factory Replacement DV Diverter Valve

$143.10 $159.00
  • Sharper throttle response
  • Faster boost recovery on gearshift
  • Solves boost leaking issues
  • Built to last

The T9362 is a fully recirculating direct factory replacement for the pneumatic diaphragm type BPV (Bypass Valve) used on Renault Cleo RS – when you want the performance WITHOUT the noise!

Using GFB’s TMS technology the DV+ T9362 can help return the engine to peak boost up to 30% faster than a factory diverter valve when shifting gears.

How does it do this? The factory diverter valve has a couple of key shortcomings, in construction and operation.

First of all, the plastic piston in the factory diverter valve is poorly sealed and can result in a boost leak. The DV+ solves these issues using proven metal and silicone construction of the valve components, meaning the DV+ will last a lifetime regardless of the harsh conditions.

Second, the factory diverter valve is not aimed at throttle response, as it can only operate in two states – fully open, or fully shut. It does not have the ability to open and close progressively in response to the existing boost pressure, and throttle response suffers when the valve vents more than it should in situations where you are not fully lifting the throttle.

The DV+ solves this inherent issue by using the pilot operation feature pioneered by GFB that allows it to operate progressively (without sacrificing ECU control) to help sharpen throttle response. This is the basis of GFB’s TMS principle, which has been shown to reduce the time to peak boost on gearshift by 30%. This benefit is also particularly noticeable in situations where you are modulating the throttle to balance the car in a corner.



  • NISSAN 1.6 DIG-T 2015-2018 (Series 2 Facelift) Direct Fit For Facelift Models Only (2015-2018). Pre-Facelift Models Use T9006 Or T9106.
  • RENAULT Clio IV RS 2013-2018
  • RENAULT Megane IV GT 2016 - On
Product ID: T9362

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