Garrett GTX2860R Gen II Turbo Assembly Kit V-Band / V-Band 0.72 A/R


Horsepower: 200 - 475

Displacement: 1.4L - 2.5L

Garrett Motion is excited to introduce the GTX2860R GEN II Turbocharger. The GTX GEN II is the next evolution of our GTX line with major updates and new technology. Updates include a compressor wheel aero update that gives it the ability to produce up to 20% more horsepower than the previous version.

Reference Data:

  • Compressor
    • Inducer 46mm
    • Exducer 60mm
    • Trim 58
    • A/R 0.60
  • Turbine
    • Inducer 54mm
    • Exducer 47mm
    • Trim 76
Product ID: 856800-5002S