Fall-Line Motorsports F8X M2 Competition / M3 / M4 Front Sway Bar End Link Kit


The term “corner balancing” frequently arises in any conversation about maximizing a car’s mechanical grip. Ensuring that an equal amount of weight rests on each tire enables each tire to do the same amount of work, giving the car a balanced, stable feel and improving its mechanical grip in cornering, braking, and acceleration.

Height adjustable dampers are required in order to properly corner balance a car, enabling the alignment technician to set each height individually, cancelling out any uneven crossweights. In order to complete the job, however, adjustable sway bar end links are also a must. Uneven loading of the sway bar will send forces through the bar and into the suspension at static ride height, and worse yet the bar will reach a “zero load” point somewhere in the suspension’s travel, usually at an unknown and inopportune moment.

For this reason, adjustable sway bar end links are an absolutely critical component for anyone who is serious about extracting the best possible handling from their M car. By varying the length of each link slightly, the alignment technician can ensure that the sway bar is completely unloaded and unstressed at static ride height, giving the car excellent chassis dynamics and truly even corner balance.

Dust boots seal the end links and prevent dust from interfering with operation.


  • F87 M2 Competition
  • F80 M3
  • F82 M4 

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