Eisenmann F97 X3M / F98 X4M Race Performance Exhaust - w/100mm Tip Set

All M cars should have theater—they are designed to entertain, baffle, and methodically extract not only mechanical performance, but an emotional one as well. Eisenmann’s success is predicated on delivering a heightened experience through manufacturing hand built, German made exhaust systems—they are responsible for some of the finest exhausts for BMW M cars since the company’s inception in 1988. This vast experience has afforded Eisenmann access to both cutting edge technologies and an engineering staff committed to delivering at or above Eisenmann’s stringent standards.

This standard has been rewritten once again with Eisenmann’s newest offering: the F97 X3M exhaust. Whereas the outgoing F85 X5M was characterized by its wide array of choices, Eisenmann engineers went the route of simplicity for the newest M SUV; the X3M will boast a 304 stainless steel race exhaust exclusively, a system specifically designed to maximize power output and exhaust note while also shedding perceivable exhaust weight. To achieve this, the original BMW muffler and valve control are deleted in favor of one, compact high-flow resonator. This allows Eisenmann to focus its efforts on the all-important task of tuning the exhaust note while minimizing restriction.

The result is a booming presence—taken swiftly through the rev range, the X3M seems to liven up as it climbs, hunkering into its speed. A symphonic roar of petrol sings into your ears through all eight gears and is followed by emphatic echoing of off throttle burbles, beckoning you to bury the go pedal once more. And you oblige, over and over again until you are, almost magically, arrived at your destination.

Once there, you’re able to step out to admire the all-new 100mm slant cut tips which add a more dominating personality to the rear. Each angle cut tip is anodized black to match its menacing persona while also adding long-term wear resistance.

Indeed, the Eisenmann system raises that aforementioned sense of theater to a sublime level, one that makes the X3M truly one of those cars that makes you want to drive it time and time again.

Product Details:

  • Compatible with X3M, X4M, X3M Competition and X4M Competition
  • 304 Stainless Steel construction
  • Hand-built and engineered in Germany
  • Weight savings from stock: 17.0 lbs (rear section)
Product ID: B3344.21024

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