EBC 11+ Mclaren MP4-12C 3.8 Twin Turbo Bluestuff Front Brake Pads

$153.58 $122.86
The BlueStuff NDX race formula is an ultra-high friction race pad with a friction level peaking above 0.6 under braking, which will generate more G force than most pads out there if not all. BlueStuff is capable of street use as it bites well from cold. The big advantage of this pad is that it is one of the world’s first and only out of the box pre-bedded race pads, which means the surface is “Heat Seared” or “Scorched” at the factory. This gives amazing reductions in pad bed in time on street or track. Also being a nonmetallic Aramid base, NDX reduces rotor wear and eliminates the firework display spark emitted in high speed braking by competitive semi-metallic although NDX is not a low dust pad. Rotor wear is however drastically reduced and pad life enhanced.

• Factory heat scorched to reduce bed in times to minutes
• Chemical interlayer system for super strong pad bond to backing plates
• Huge lifetime almost double previous EBC products
• Easy on rotors, surfaces are left smooth and not scored
• Low heat transfer, balanced heat sink
• Great release; pads let go as soon as you do
Product ID: DP5042NDX