CTEK CS FREE Portable Solar Charging Kit - 12V

$390.99 $410.99
The CTEK CS FREE SOLAR PANEL CHARGE KIT lets you recharge your CS FREE’s internal battery using just solar power. You can also use it to power the CS FREE without connecting to a power outlet, so you can charge and maintain your vehicle battery wherever you are. The CTEK CS FREE SOLAR PANEL CHARGE KIT pairs perfectly with the CS FREE. It delivers fast, reliable solar power so you can recharge or even independently power your CS FREE wherever you take it. Made from super-tough fiberglass, you simply unfold it and connect it to your CS FREE in seconds, giving you the ultimate freedom from power outlets.

Charge and maintain your vehicle battery or charge up portable tech like smartphones, pads, and laptops, even when you’re nowhere near a power outlet. The CTEK CS FREE SOLAR PANEL CHARGE KIT features intelligent and efficient silicon cells with a specially developed safety box so the kit delivers exactly the right amount of power to protect your battery and devices from excess voltage.

  • Ultimate freedom from power outlets
  • Recharges your CS FREE in just one hour
  • Tough, waterproof, and weather-resistant
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Carry case with adjustable kickstand for flexible 180° positioning
  • Ideal for the great outdoors
Product ID: 40-463

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