CTEK Accessory - Comfort Indicator Eyelet

$12.67 $16.12
Comfort Indicator Eyelet is designed for permanent installation with a direct connection to the battery. For use with CTEK chargers, it enables you to charge batteries that are in hard to reach places or where using clamps is inconvenient or impossible. Should charging be required, plug in your CTEK charger and charge the battery. Extended cable length 19.6 inches.

Designed to fit MULTI US 3300, MULTI US 7002, US 0.8, MUS 4.3, MXS 5.0, Lithium US, CT5 Powersport and CT5 Time to Go battery chargers.


  • An INDICATOR is the easiest way to monitor the charge in your battery. An accurate voltage reading for your battery is displayed two hours after you’ve used your vehicle.
  • GREEN means the battery voltage is more than 12.65 V. No need for charging.
  • YELLOW means the battery voltage is between 12.4 and 12.65 V. It’s time to consider charging the battery.
  • RED means the battery voltage is below 12.4 V. It’s definitely time to charge the battery.
Product ID: 56-382

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