AWE Tuning McLaren 12C/570/650/675LT 3.8TT Performance Catalysts

The AWE Tuning MP4-12C Performance Catalysts are aggressive, unbridled and unique.
Verified to fit both the 12C Coupe and the 12C Spider, the AWE Tuning MP4-12C Performance Catalysts feature a 200 cell hi-flow catalyst solution.
Due to its dimensions, standard 300 cell HJS catalysts would have been far easier to fit into the McLaren. However, there is no HD (High Durability) spec 300 cell HJS catalyst, and the close engine placement and power output that these catalysts are subject to in the MP4-12C, in our analysis, mandated better. The 200 cell HJS HD catalyst, while significantly more complex to integrate, afforded not only the durability we desired, but the added benefit of significant increased flow over a 300 cell count. In summary, we chose to not settle, because the MP4-12C deserves it.
AWE Tuning precision engineering and fixture development permits the factory heat shields to re-attach completely intact, with no deformation or subpar installation results. Besides factory correct fitment and long term durability, all this engineering adds up to an impressive +46hp and +61tq, as measured on the AWE Tuning in-house Mustang chassis dyno.
Please note, the AWE Tuning Performance Catalysts are for racing use only.

• 200 cell hi-flow catalyst

• Rigorous dynamometer, reliability, power and tone testing

• No Check Engine Light, Guaranteed

An impressive +46hp and +61tq at the crank (When paired with AWE’s Performance Exhaust)
Product ID: 3010-11020