Autocouture Motoring BMW M3 S65 Complete Rod Bearing Parts Kit


Regardless of the age or mileage of your S65 powered M3, stock or modified; have the peace of mind knowing that your rod bearing service is done and the weak point of the S65 motor has been addressed.  We've pulled countless rod bearings from M3s and from that experience we’ve put together the most comprehensive S65 Rod Bearing Package out there.  For starters, this package includes all new Genuine OEM BMW parts that are associated with replacing the rod bearings.  That’s all the oil pan bolts, oil pump o-rings, drain plugs, oil feed lines, oil sump bracket bolts, motor mounts (optional, but recommended), and even the subframe bolts. We’ve taken these extra steps to ensure your S65 has been fortified and is worry free.  WPC or BE Bearing are the only bearings available.  WPCs designed around improved OEM tolerance and strength, with BE's designed around increased clearances.  Both are available and the only bearings found to meet our strict quality control standards. 


ARP Custom Age 625 Plus are the rod bolts of choice.  The Custom Age 625 Plus material is considered a super-alloy steel and we like them because of their resistance to rod bolt fatigue, brittleness, and stretching.  The ARP Custom Age 625 Plus handle the temperature swings seen in an engine.  Because of those wild temperature fluctuations, choosing the right alloy is crucial; using too strong of an alloy in a rod bolt application actually results in a decrease of toughness and a sharp increase in brittleness.  This could potentially introduce a catastrophic failure.  The Custom Age 625 Plus material is forgiving enough on a cold engine but strong enough for high horsepower supercharged applications.  We find the Custom Age 625 Plus Rod Bolts offer the right amount of strength and flexibility; no matter the use.  If it’s your daily driver or seeing track duty the Custom Age 625s are robust enough to handle it.

Parts Include:


16x Genuine BMW Short Oil pan bolts - Perimeter

12x Genuine BMW Long Oil pan bolts - Rear

2x   Genuine BMW Long Oil pan bolts - Front

5x   Genuine BMW Bracket to bedplate bolts

3x   Genuine BMW Oil sumps to bracket bolts

1x   Genuine BMW Small O-ring Oil Sump to Oil Pump

1x   Genuine BMW Large O-ring Oil Sump to Oil Pump

2x   Genuine BMW Oil drain plugs

2x   Genuine BMW Subframe Bolt

2x  Genuine BMW Subframe Bolt

2x  Genuine BMW Subframe Bolt

2x  Genuine BMW Motor Mounts 

WPC Treated or BE Bearings S65

8x  Rod Bearing Shell - Upper 

8x  Rod Bearing Shell - Lower  

1x ARP Custom Age 625 Plus Connecting Rod Bolt Kit 

Parts Kit Only.  Please Call For Questions on Installation or to Schedule an Appointment (201) 666-3500


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