ARMYTRIX Stainless Steel Valvetronic Muffler McLaren 720S 2017-2020

This is the key for your escape from the mundane daily commute. Unlock the drive you were meant to have; ARMYTRIX is on your side. Built with the strictest manufacturing standards, each system boasts quality fit for a king. Stainless steel provides a sturdy yet light replacement for the OE exhaust, accompanied by a free flowing design offering a massive improvement over exhaust gas movement. Elevating performance and refining audio sensations; stimulate your dulled senses, put them back to work! Technology-wise, keep up with the rapidly evolving world or risk being on the list of the extinct. Arm yourself with our revolutionary road tech for a smarter driving experience. The valvetronic system introduces a new dimension of versatility; never compromise between sound and stealth. The ARMYTRIX exclusive OBDII dongle system reduces the installation time by 50%! With clear displays and user-friendly controls, navigate through our smartphone app to attain an insightful look into the vehicle's real-time operational status and complete control over the valve settings. Stay Connected, Stay Ahead of the Pack.

• Valvetronic Mufflers

• Reduction of Installation Time by 50% compared to traditional cable wires
• Comprehensive Selectable Options
• Real time Update of Selected Categories
• Quick & Accurate Data Logging
• App Controlled Valve System via OBDII Port
• McLaren 720S 2017-2020
• Downpipes Sold Separately.
• ARMYTRIX wireless valvetronic wiring is a plug-and-play system, no cutting, alteration or damage will be done to the factory settings.
Product ID: MC7XS-C