AP BMW F80 M3 / F82 M4 Top Mount Intercooler Upgrade - Silver

Intercoolers are one of the most important parts of a forced induction system. As air becomes more compressed, its temperature increases. Hot air is less dense than cold air and hot air is more susceptible to detonation. The job of the intercooler is to keep charge air temperatures low and consistent. For S55 powered vehicles, BMW uses an air-to-water intercooler. If you enjoy driving hard on canyon roads or the occasional track day, the OEM intercooler quickly becomes a performance bottleneck. Even daily driving can become a challenge for the OEM intercooler in hot climates. The OEM intercooler is very susceptible to heat soak, which results in high charge air temperatures and ultimately less power. The Agency Power F8X intercooler fits into the stock location and offers significantly better cooling compared to stock. Intercooler volume is increased by 61% which results in lower and more consistent charge air temperatures. It's designed as an OEM replacement and doesn't require custom work for installation. With lower and more consistent charge air temperatures, the chance of detonation is greatly decreased and power is increased.

61% Larger Than Stock
Lower Charge Air Temperatures
Consistent Charge Air Temperatures
Reduced Chance of Detonation
Reduced Change of Heat Soak
Cooler Air = More Power!
Available in Silver
BMW F80 M3
BMW F82 M4
BMW F83 M4
Product ID: AP-F80M3-108S