AP BMW 15-17 BMW M3/M4 F80/F82 Catback Exhaust w/ Black Tips

A catback exhaust system for the BMW M3/M4 F80/F82 vehicle is a great way to improve performance and sound. What makes a great exhaust system for the BMW M car is its flow characteristics and OEM like functionality. Agency Power has tested several different exhaust designs and has finally come up with the best system available for the M3 M4. This new full stainless steel exhaust features dual 63.5mm diameter piping that incorporates an X design right after the downpipes. Removing the restrictions that are found on the stock exhaust gives the twin turbocharged I6 engine grips of power as you go through the revs. The noise unleashed with the valves open, dramatically changes the driving experience for the better. With the factory valves functioning like stock, you can cruise mildly in ECO mode to get the best of both worlds. Finishing off the exhaust is a set of quad 89mm exhaust tips. These more aggressive tips are designed to work with the stock bumper outlet or an aftermarket diffuser.


T304 Stainless Steel Construction
Media blasted for a satin finish
Integrated exhaust valves that work with drive modes
Includes X Pipe Design
Bolts to stock or aftermarket downpipes
63.5mm tubing
4x 89mm quad exhaust tips
Does not require tuning
Includes matte black coated exhaust tips

BMW M3 F80 and BMW M4 F82 Vehicles
Product ID: AP-F80M-170B