AP 2014+ BMW M2 (F87) Intercooler Upgrade

An intercooler upgrade on your BMW N55 turbocharged engine will dramatically improve performance on and off the track. The N55 engine as featured in popular F Series cars such as the M235i, M2, 335i, and 435i can make a lot of horsepower with basic mods such as tune and exhaust. With this increase in power, it is difficult for the stock intercooler to keep temperatures down and the turbo running at maximum efficiency. The new Agency Power intercooler features a step design to maximize space required in the already narrow bumper area. With an increase in size and a change in volume, a larger intercooler will decrease temperatures up to 40 degrees and add nearly 20 horsepower on modified cars compared to the stock core.

The intercooler is a bar and plate design for maximum efficiency. It features high flow cast end tanks which are TIG welded. Each end tank features precision CNC machined hose fittings to work with the factory intercooler hoses. The installation is extremely easy as this is a direct replacement. Intercoolers are available in a stealth black finish.
Product ID: AP-N20-108