AMS Performance 14-18 Mercedes-Benz CLA45/GLA45 AMG 2.0T Alpha Auxiliary Heat Exchanger

$775.95 $799.95
Whether you are running stock or upgraded components on your 2.0L M133 turbocharged engine, the Alpha Performance Mercedes-Benz CLA45 Heat Exchanger Upgrade offers much greater efficiency – providing consistently cooler boost temperatures while combatting heat soak issues.  Beneficial throughout everyday driving, this level of cooling is even more crucial to consistent performance on a road course or dragstrip.

  • 38% more core volume
  • 22 fins per inch core made to Alpha spec
  • Motorsport quality heat exchanger core made in the UK
  • Core and tanks designed in CFD heat transfer software to allow for greatest heat dissipation
  • Billet aluminum end tanks
  • Installs in 1.5 hours without cutting or drilling
  • Can be used on stock or modified vehicles

Product ID: ALP.19.02.0001-1

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