Agency Power Electronic Valve Controlled Exhaust Ferrari F458 2010-2014


Enhancing the already amazing Ferrari 458 Italia, Spider, or Speciale is super ease with the addition of the Agency Power valvetronic exhaust system. What is a valvetronic exhaust? This exhaust features a remote actuated solenoid which switches between sport and race mode on the exhaust system. Giving you the ultimate in Ferrari F1 sound and performance, the Agency Power exhaust is a complete bolt on solution for your vehicle. The exhaust is all T304 stainless steel with beautiful robotic TIG welds which is then polished to a mirror finish. The exhaust system fits with the OEM tips or can be used with our aftermarket Agency Power triple or dual tips. All parts are included for a direct fit. The electronic remote box can be situated inside the engine bay or under the bonnet. When the remote is pressed between the on and off position, this activates the solenoid to open or close the valves. Installation is very straight forward tying into basic ignition power, constant power, ground, and then T ing off into a vacuum source for needed pressure. This exhaust fits all 458 Italia, Spider, and Special Ferrari models.

Product ID: AP-F458-170