Agency Power Aeroform Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser BMW F82 F80 M4 M3 2015-2017

Agency Power has enhanced the BMW F80 M3 & F82 M4 with their new Carbon Fiber Aeroform Rear Diffuser. Designed to give your M3 or M4 a much more aggressive look from the rear of the vehicle. Agency Power's Aeroform Rear Diffuser for the F8X M chassis is constructed from high quality 2x2 carbon fiber weave and has been finished in a high gloss 3K clear coat to protect against UV light all while providing a beautiful wet looking finish. All Agency Power products come with a LIMITED LIFETIME warranty when you fill out this form here.


2x2 Carbon Fiber weave
Gloss Finish
3K UV resistant
Perfect Fitment
Added Exterior styling

BMW F80 F82 F83 M3 M4 15-20
Product ID: AP-F8XM-611