aFe Control Rear Sway Bar 2020 Toyota Supra 3.0L

One thing you notice immediately is the numbness in the steering response near neutral position. The car feels like it hesitates to change direction. Once the car does take a set in a corner, the short wheelbase does make up for the slow ratio steering, but there is still a driver/car disconnect when initiating a turn. There is also a noticeable amount of body roll. When upgrading to stickier tires, this roll will only get worse. With aFe Control sway bars, you will be able to sharpen steering response and improve initial turn-in. The car will be more agile and feel like a lighter car. Body roll will be dramatically reduced and the 3-way adjustment (front & rear) will allow you to dial in the handling balance that suits your driving style. Whether it’s stability on the track or more rotation at the autocross, aFe Control sway bars can get you there!

CNC Bent, Lightweight 1026 DOM Steel Tubular Sway Bar
Rear Sway Bar 22mm 3-Way Adjustment
130 lbs/in (155% Stiffer than Stock)
145 lbs/in (184% Stiffer than Stock)
160 lbs/in (214% Stiffer than Stock)
Product ID: 440-721001RL

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