The inlet system on the Porsche 992 is completely revised from previous versions. Is has a completely different layout but the principle is of course the same. As ever – as cold air and as much of it as possible is what brings effect and elevates the driving experience behind the wheel.

 The kit comes with hoses in a textured black finish, CNC-machined adapters towards the turbos and top-quality, black hose clamps. The hoses are adapted to the OE air filter boxes, or the do88 air filter system with 66 mm connections.

Please note that these hoses provide a good upgrade. We consider them a solid first step in the refinement of your Porsche 911. However, we´d like to underline the fact that the best effect is achieved when these hoses are used in junction with the do88 air filter system. With that upgrade, all restrictions before the turbo inlet are eliminated and the turbos can reach their full potential.


  • Fits all Porsche 2019+ 911 (992) Turbo and Carrera models.
  • More air to your engine, less backpressure and better airflow!
  • 3D, freeform designed inlet hoses made from the finest silicone.
  • CNC-machined turbo inlet adapters.
  • Fits towards OE or do88 air filter box (66 mm).
Product ID: do88-kit212ST-OE-66

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