JRZ RS One Touring Coilovers BMW F90 M5 18+

$3,999.99 $4,299.99
Working with JRZ, ACM developed the RS One Touring Coilovers for the F90 M5.  ACM is the exclusive dealer for this new coilover system.  Knowledge gained from racing is integrated in the JRZ RS ONE Touring system. The use of the large shaft creates an optimum fluid displacement through the preset compression blow off valve to control the unsprung mass. A special designed piston is used to filter out the large, high velocity movements seen with suspensions on street applications.


No need to compromise on performance/comfort due to the large adjustment range. The suspension allows adjustment between smooth street use and aggressive track use. With every click (counter clockwise) you increase the damping forces in both compression as rebound making the suspension stiffer. With every click you will notice direct influence on the handling of the car. Therefor adjusting the suspension is very quick and easy.    


  • Single Adjustable
  • Available with or without EDC Error Cancelers 
  • Adjustable damping
  • 21 clicks 
  • Ride height adjustable
  • Uses spherical bearings
  • Valved for more chassis control and performance
  • Fits aftermarket topmounts
  • Every click noticeable change
  • Made in the Netherlands 


Special installed promo price available.

Contact us at 201-666-3500 for more details.  

Product ID: 1001012F90011502

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