Motorsport+ BMW G87 M2 / G42 CSL Style Yellow DRL LED Module Set


One of the special details of the new BMW M4 CSL are the motorsport yellow daytime running lights. Evoking the look of GT racing cars, the BMW Laserlight headlights with yellow running lights bring a touch of the racetrack to the front of the new BMW M4 CSL. Both in the welcome sequence triggered when unlocking the doors and when the low and high beam headlights are switched on, the angular daytime running lights illuminate in yellow rather than white.

Now you can bring the same motorsport detail to the front of your G87 M2 with new LED boards for your Daytime Running Light modules.


  • Plug and Play installation; no ugly wiring, no error codes
  • The OE LED boards utilize two Torx screws and a very small thermal adhesive pad to fasten to the heatsink. The new CSL boards include a full size, pre-applied special thermal adhesive to aide in heat transfer and help longevity; remove original LED boards and just peel and stick the new CSL Yellow LED boards before replacing the screws.
  • Set includes LED boards for both driver and passenger side headlights
  • Fits G87 M2 and G42 2-Series
Product ID: MSP-G87-YDRL

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