DINAN COLD AIR INTAKE - 2020-2023 BMW M240I/M340I/M440I

$479.95 $534.00
The M240i/M340i/M440i are impressive vehicles in terms of performance and style but that is not conveyed when viewing its lackluster stock intake system swaddled by seemingly unfinished strut braces. In stock trim, the M240i/M340i/M440i comes with a dry and lifeless air box housing a basic panel filter that is also accompanied by an intake resonator whose job it is to eliminate turbo/intake noises. The same noises that those in the performance world relish. Essentially BMW has seen fit to give M240i/M340i/M440i owners an air box that looks uninspiring, flows adequately but not ideally, and emits no noise. The exact opposite of what the platform exudes otherwise. The Dinan carbon fiber intake for the platform rights these wrongs and delivers a semi-open intake capable of flowing 58% more air than the stock system resulting in additional top end power and increased throttle response. At the same time revealing a more aggressive, sporty carbon fiber appearance, and an increase in sound courtesy of the removal of the intake resonator and implementation of a semi-open design.

  • More Power: Max gains of 9 WHP and 8 lb-ft of torque @ 6500 RPM on a completely stock vehicle.
  • Enjoyably louder, sportier sound.
  • Improved throttle response
  • Outflows factory intake by 58% or more.
  • Larger volume air box (60% larger than stock).
  • 40% increase in filter area (stock: 82 in², Dinan: 115 in²) for optimum flow.
  • Compatible with all G2x Mx40i's with and without factory bracing.
  • Quick and easy installation

Product ID: D760-0058

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