Racing Sport Concepts Carbon Fiber Hood for C8 Corvette

The Racing Sport Concepts C8 Carbon Fiber Hood is a direct replacement for the OEM Hood, requiring no modifications to the vehicle for installation and are completely reversible.

The Racing Sport Concepts Corvette C8 Carbon Fiber Hood is constructed from the finest pre-impregnated carbon fiber fabrics, utilizing cutting edge epoxy resins to create the lightest, strongest, most beautiful finish possible. It’s impossible to ignore the perfect 3K 2x2 twill weave and that deep clear coat finish we all love.

  • Saves approximately 2.6 LBS
  • 100% Pre-Impregnated Carbon Fiber 
  • Finished Gloss Carbon on bottom side to match factory fitment and weather seals
  • Direct replacement no modification necessary
  • Re-uses factory hardware
  • RSC V Style Split Weave
Product ID: RSCVET3032

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