DME Tuning BMW F10 M5 ECU Tune


Performance tuning for your BMW gives it a more efficient and effective ECU mapping which favors power delivery over comfort. DME software tunes give BMW drivers a noticeable upgrade in their car's capabilities, engine management change your vehicle deserves.

DME Tuning is an Automotive Tuning Company that provides engine tuning software to automotive adrenaline junkies with cutting-edge technology. We are confident that we help our clients feel empowered and limitless. Let's go faster...

OBD tunes allow customers to simply plug and upgrade their ECU. We will ship you our DME cable along with instructions.


Factory  560HP and 502TQ

Stage 1  720HP and 700TQ

Stage 2  750HP and 740TQ

Stage 3  775HP and 760TQ


Note: Anything Stage 2 and above requires that you gap your stock plugs to .020.  We remove speed limiter, catless codes and you have the option of removing cold start if you are running catless DPs. We also offer a burble option which is included in price. We also recommend changing your spark plugs and Primary O2 sensors every 15k miles.

Product ID: DME-F10M5-TUNE

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