Racing Sport Concepts Carbon Fiber Adjustable Splitter for BMW F8X M3 & M4


The RSC Tuning F8X M3 M4 Adjustable Splitter was inspired by the factory M4 GTS version which we set the world on fire last year. For years we had thought about doing adjustable splitters so you could increase your clearance during normal driving and still have the ability to extend it for shows or track days. This splitter is attached by 6 bolts in the Front Air Dam and can be easily removed or re-installed in minutes.

The Adjustable Splitter is made from double bonded carbon fiber to provide a perfectly smooth finish on both the top and bottom sides for improved airflow and better aesthetics. As with the Front Air Dam, the adjustable splitter spans the entire width of the front bumper and matches the contour of the Air Dam. When paired with the Front Air Dam these parts will take your M3 or M4 to the next level. RSC’s M3 / M4 Adjustable Splitter was designed and engineered in the USA to the most stringent specifications with the goal of being the most solid and robust splitter available for your vehicle.

The Splitter is supplied with all the necessary mounting hardware and can be installed in minutes. This product was developed on our own in-house vehicle and subjected to extensive testing on both the race track and public roads. The RSC BMW M3 M4 Splitter is constructed of 100% Pre-Preg Carbon Fiber and cured in a state of the art Autoclave. This provides a strong and lightweight part with a beautiful weave quality and a consistent weight.

Additionally the part is also applied with a clear coat that has UV inhibitors to prevent yellowing and allow you to polish the part back to a scratch free finish. *Requires Part Number RSCBMW003 (Front Air Dam)
Product ID: RSCBMW002

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